Let the Transformation Begin..


Message from Spirit:.

I saw a woman of many doubts and fears who needed to see "SPIRIT"
bring her something.  I tell you what you have is going to become bolder and
stronger.  Your doubts are about to vanish about who you are; and what you
are CAPABLE of be-COMING!   There is a woman of true beauty hidden in
a life that has been touched by sadness and much heartache.. a woman who
lost her faith in herself and who she is.   Many pains from the past have
haunted your life; and caused you great heartache.

I tell you now  The Spirit" says.  LET GO of it ALL.

It is your time to SOAR..

You are a creature of beauty fashioned in love..

Let the beauty within you BEGIN to SHINE!

You have felt the touch of hope now-go find it within yourself

and SOAR!

You are an HEIR to a KING.
Probably NOT in 'family' or 'wealth'..
but in SPIRIT!

This was your message.
Now you must go within;
and find the path back to who you are
that was lost somewhere along the way.

As the child reflection in the first picture...
Cling to those good memories; and leave the 'rest' BEHIND!

You're not going that way!