Welcome to my Poetry Pages

I am glad you decided to stop by!    I have an entire website with a LONG list of 
poems on it-and I am still 'building' on my domain here at Angelfire.  I am going to 
for "NOW" put a link to the HUGE list of writings I have had up for years.

There are poems of inspiration and a LOT of poems just for Women here.

They were done by the pen name of IRISHGURRL-and this was the 2ND site
of poetry-you'll find MORE listed on the WRITINGS PAGE at the first
fantasy art site I began in 1999.   The writings grew and expanded-
into MORE-so I continued to write-and had to go to more servers.

I hope to build MORE into THIS DOMAIN SPACE I am still working on
PURCHASEWARES-so please be patient and check back OFTEN!

 PLEASE stop and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK that you'll find
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This has been taken down a few times for maintenance-
and unfortunately people stopped SIGNING after 04.

Be SURE to look for "POST" listing on
the GUESTBOOK in order to SIGN IT!

I have one poem here so far on Angelfire-and you'll find it also at the other 
site-so I hope you enjoy my writings and DO email me if you do!
Send ALL emails about my WRITINGS by clicking on the link below:


Please be SURE you put "RE: YOUR POEMS"
on the SUBJECT LINE-or it MAY go into

I read most ALL my mail there now for this website and Cashette 
is a good email server.  IF I see people are READING the writings I
currently have up-I shall continue to write MORE and put them "HERE".

There is a VOTE BUTTON on the GUESTBOOK-so be sure to VOTE
if you enjoy the writings and would like to see "MORE" done!
I will continue my writings here on THIS domain so BOOKMARK

Again, thanks for stopping by!

Grab a cup of java and get ready to relax and read-as there
are a TON of poems listed on my other site for your enjoyment!

Have a great day!

Dee@dreamworks aka The Irishgurrl

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